Book Reviews

I love books! Here are reviews of a few of my favorite books in different categories.

I have a spreadsheet that lists the books I have related to missions, outreach to Islam, and the cultural heritage of specific countries. Most of my books on cultural background are related to African countries. You can search the sheet by country or continent. Contact me if you would like to borrow a book or know more about it.

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Biographies. Life stories to inspire and illuminate (see Missions for biographies of missionaries).

Missions. General interest books in the area of global missions as well as reviews of my favorite mission biographies.

Reaching Muslims. Books about Muslim culture and Muslim background believers.

Cultural Windows. Books that provide insight into a particular people group or nation. These are generally not written from the Christian point of view, but will help you understand the needs and cultural diversity in the world.

Fiction with a Heart. Some of my favorite fiction works that bring comfort and challenge our faith.

Prayer. “You can do more than pray after you have prayed; but you can never do more than pray until you have prayed.” A.J. Gordon

Social Justice. While this title is subject to misunderstanding, it is the best one I could think of for this category of books that deal with how we can demonstrate God’s heart for the poor and oppressed. Many, but not all, of these books are written from a Christian perspective about how we can use the two hands of faith and action to live in obedience. Others simply speak powerfully and intelligently about the need for justice in the world.