Non-Profit Support

Writing Services for Churches and Non-Profits

Since I retired from full-time corporate life, I have enjoyed using my skills to provide support to several missions organizations. Some projects included:

  • Update the website for Child Hope International. I helped redesign the site using WordPress and updated the content as needed as well as writing blog posts. I also formatted and sent a monthly MailChimp newsletter.
  • Redesign the website for Mossy Foot Project. This site was previously done in ShowitFast. I converted it to WordPress and updated the content. I also converted the blog and updated it, as well as sending regular MailChimp newsletters.
  • Assist individual missionaries to set up MailChimp newsletters to ease the communication process while they are on the field.

Do you need help with a writing project? Here are some other ways I can help:

  • Create self documenting templates for newsletters and bulletins that can be easily customized for your logos, colors, and style choices.
  • Design forms and questionnaires, both print and online.
  • Write articles, newsletters, and documents based on your input.
  • Edit, review, and proofread documents (both long and short) before they are printed, reducing costly errors and confusion.
  • Design spreadsheets for tracking information vital to your organization, set up letters and mail merge.
  • Review essays, applications, and other submissions for clarity and correctness.
  • Coach writers for whom English is a second language (I have a TEFL certificate).

Personal Writing

This document describes how I was led out of the cult known as the “Moonies” during the turbulent days of hippies and free love (1970) and found real love when Jesus Christ revealed to me personally the price He paid for my freedom.

Trip to Thailand 
What began for my 17-year-old daughter as part of a ministry venture with a team traveling to Northern Thailand became a solo journey for her and an occasion for us both to grow in faith.

Missions Newsletter
This template for this church newsletter was set up in InDesign.