Missions Organizations

Bread for the Bight

Dave and Heather Granada are personal friends who moved with two of their children to Roatan in 2015 when their hearts were moved by the spiritual and physical poverty they had seen in the rural communities. They have established a beachhead for the gospel where they are renovating a community center to provide physical and spiritual food for a community. You can follow them on Facebook.

Mexican Medical Ministries

Steve Crews, President of Mexican Medical Ministries, and his wife Jan are friends who work with Mexican Medical. The mission of this organization is to bring healing and hope to the people of Mexico by bringing God’s healing touch to the total person with physical treatment and the medicine for the soul, the Gospel message. Frequent trips provide opportunity for both medically trained and non-medically trained individuals to get involved.

Mossy Foot Project

Sharon Daly, a personal friend and the daughter of Nathan Barlow, a missionary doctor in Ethiopia, continues the legacy of her father through this organization. Dr. Barlow treated the poorest of the poor in rural Ethiopia with a special focus on victims of podoconiosis, a crippling disease that causes swelling of feet and legs. The project engages in research, treatment, education, and training, as well as Gospel evangelization, to provide holistic care for patients and their families in Ethiopia.

Soddo Christian Hospital

Soddo Christian Hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia, offers low cost and free medical care to all who come. But beyond that, every patient hears the Gospel and receives spiritual counseling and prayer. Michelle and Adam Yates, who are on staff, are well known personal friends.

Wild Hope International

Peter and Tammy Russel lead a multi-dimensional ministry in Arusha, Tanzania focuses on development, innovative agriculture, micro-enterprise among Maasai tribes, all wrapped in the the Gospel message. They are developing a beautiful retreat center showcasing sustainable agriculture and providing a place of rest and refreshment to God’s people while training local pastors in leadership skills.