Christian Films

Here are some of my my favorite Christian movies. Some are available on Amazon; some of them I have gotten from the library. You can see my picks for Social Justice films here.

All Saints

Based on a true story, a salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock of a tiny Episcopal (Anglican) church in Smyrna, Tennessee is ordered to shut it down. He attempts to save the church, with the help of a group of refugees from Karen State, Myanmar in Southeast Asia.

Amazing Grace

The story of how Wilber Wilberforce, with the support of John Newton, led a movement in England to end the slave trade because of their belief in Biblical Christianity.

Chariots of Fire

Eric Liddell, a faithful Christian who refuses to break the Sabbath by running, becomes an Olympic champion. He eventually spends his life as a missionary in China, dying in a Japanese war camp, though the movie only shows his life up to the Olympic win.

End of the Spear

The story of the five American Christian missionaries killed by the Waodani in Ecuador, told from the perspective of Steve Saint, the son of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries killed in the encounter, and Mincayani, one of the tribesmen who took part in the attack.

I Can Only Imagine

The story behind the popular song born out of the experience of Mercy Me’s lead singer of the power of true love and forgiveness.

Inn of Sixth Happiness

Ingrid Bergman plays Gladys Aylward, a young Englishwoman who knew that God had called her to China. Not qualified to be sent as a missionary, Gladys worked as a domestic to earn the money to send herself to a poor, remote village.


Several movies have been made about Martin Luther. This one is well acted by a tall and slender Joseph Fiennes (Luther was actually short and stout) but presents Luther’s struggle with the Catholic Church well.


Based on the story of Charles Mulli, a wealthy businessman in Kenya who sold everything to begin working with street children, and eventually founded Mully Children’s Family. This documentary tells his story through re-enactments, historical and home footage, as well as present day interviews.

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Depicts the life of Paul while he was in prison in Rome. Jim Caviezal plays his friend Luke.

Same Kind of Different as Me

Ron Hall and Denver Moore became best friends through Ron’s wife Deborah. When she was dying of cancer, Denver helped Deborah carry on the ministry she had started. The story goes into the developing personal friendship between two men of different upbringings as well as the struggle required to make and maintain a friendship across a wide cultural canyon.

Tortured for Christ

Filmed entirely on location in Romania, including in the very prison where Pastor Richard Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this is the cinematic retelling of one of the most inspiring and historically significant testimonies of all time.

Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Based on Laura Hillenbrand’s book, the film begins where the movie Unbroken ends, sharing the rest of the story of Olympian and World War II veteran Louis Zamperini. Louie’s quest for revenge drives him deep into despair, putting his marriage at risk until his wife Cynthia experiences Billy Graham’s 1949 LA Crusade, where both find faith in Jesus Christ.