The buds begin to bloom

Last week I began rereading A Passion for the Impossible: The Life of Lilias Trotter. This wonderful biography by Miriam Rockness documents the life of a little-known Victorian artist who left a comfortable middle-class life in England to bring the gospel to the...

God at Work in Ethiopia

Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to God. Psalm 68:31 The African land of Ethiopia, called Cush in the Old Testament, is intimately entwined with Biblical history. Moses married a Chushite woman and according to Ethiopian legend, the Queen of Sheba who...

Thoughts on Liberia

Recently, Liberia has been in my thoughts and on my heart. I find when the Lord stirs my heart to learn about a country, I suddenly seem to find it everywhere. Yesterday Liberia celebrated 10 years since the end of the horrendous civil war that decimated the country...

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